Thursday, April 25, 2013

nursery progress

 I wanted to share some of the progress on the babies room.  I am working on slowly doing the make over from girl cave to baby boy room.  I made new curtains changed the bar with cubbies and a few other things.
Her is the before..
Here is the after.  The curtains are grey yellow and blue. The white desk went to monkey butt and I will be keeping the drafting table here because I need somewhere to do my stuff and this is really the only place for it.

 The pictures to the side had their fabric changed to a boy fabric and will have some less girlish saying wrote in. right now the things below will stay there until I order a nail polish wrack or something to house them on the wall out of the way.
 This wall has changed allot.  I down sized all this and bought a book shelf for my room the house all the books.
 Now it looks like this.  It will be a changing table area.  I need to get a changing pad but I have to baskets and cubbies below for diapers, blankets burp rags and crib sheets and what not. The nicknacks on the shelve will be changed out with boy things when I find ones I like.
 this wall is completely empty right now.  I moved th yarn shelve to butt up to my dresser in my room .  The bar above it is the one above the draft table.  I took down all the will art.  (the heat and bond fabric wall art came off great except for the flannel humming bird left a bit of fuzz but I think it will come off with some soap and water) This wall is where the crib will go when we get one.  I have some ideas already for wall art above it. 
This was our first baby purchase.  I had them put this particular one on hold at target because I wanted this one in this color and it was the last one.  It is a rock and play.  It is sort of a cradle that is portable and rocks head to toe instead of side to side.
Here is the inside.  the colors are ones I am going to use for the nursery (grey, bright blue, and pear green).  I was excited for this. 
 Another things that has been displaced was my purses.  I don't have any that are pricey ones.  I most have t.j. max, khols, and target.  I trade back and forth depending on what I need at the time.  I got a hanging shoe wrack from walmart and rolled them up and stuck them on the inside of my closet door.
That is the progress so far.  I will keep you guys posted as we get new things and add them in :)

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