Friday, November 30, 2012

finished cabinet

 Okay so you know how on t.v. the little kid finds a animal ( like a kitten or what not) and says "Gee it followed me home can I keep it."  Well for me that happens with furniture lol.  Last week I was helping my lovely friend/neighbor Pat move some furniture and wound up with two new pieces to redo and incorporate into my house.  Here is the first one..

 It is a cute cabinet but kinda a drab brown color and had matching foam board taped into the open spaces on the one door (I had already ripped those out)

I had lots of paint left over from this project this summer so I decided since this is going in my livingroom which is connected to my kitchen I should use the rest of the paint.  Here is the finished product
 I pained the inside and body of the cabinet vanilla custard (or at least I think that was what it was called lol) the doors I painted lake superior blue (they will be easy to take off and repaint if I decide to move this some where else and need them different ) and the top bulldog
 I added chicken wire into the holes (harder to work with then you would think and I thought I bought stuff with smaller size holes but hard to tell in the roll!) I changed out the hardware for these that my sister grabbed me at hobby lobby
Here is a picture of the inside.  We have all of our dvds in here as well as our cable box, wii, and blue ray player.  I panted the front of the shelves brown to bring more of the color from the top back in. 
Here is the finished product again!  (and yes my kids are watching some old school muppet show on the tv... and no we don't have a flat screen yet we are the last in the world lol)

I hope you guys like it and I will share the next project soon :)

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  1. Great looking cabinet, Aimee! Excellent refinishing job. :)

    And no, you're not the last one not to have a flat screen TV.