Monday, November 5, 2012

Pioneer woman (Ree Drummond) at m.o.a.

 So yesterday I got to go see Ree Drummond at mall of america.  I got my sister Melissa to go with and My sister in law Amber.  It was awesome.  I was super excited I even convinced my niece to help me curl the back of my hair lol  This was in the car on the way wearing my new fav lip stick. 
 We got there about 12 and we sat on the floor in the rotunda for 2 hours.

 She did finally come she is awesome.  She was funny and sweet.

 She did like a little power point that was fun.

She of coarse was nervous since she hates public speaking .

We got out books signed and got our pics taken with her.  I was in severe back pain here from sitting on the ground for two hours lol.  My sister melissa is on the left and my sister in law amber is on my right here. 

We left from there grabbed a cupcake some popcorn and headed home lol.  She is amazing was worth the dead legs and sore back :)

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