Monday, November 26, 2012

The decorations are officialy up!

Okay so today was the day that we dug the decorations out of the garage and decorated the house for Christmas.  We had cocoa and popcorn and got it all taken care of.  Here are some of my favorite things.

This is one of my fav ornaments from a few years ago.  It is just a cute glittery red pump.
These are some cute ornaments we made a few years ago taking empty glass bulbs and filling them with little foam balls from the dollar tree then writing names and years on them with a sharpie.

These are  cute little glittery trees we made from pine cones a few years back.  I love these they are just fun and sparkly.

Our ornament wreath I am shocked this thing is still alive!!  I did have to hot glue a few guys back on but she is still together

 and on my little shelf I put the trees I threw together last year.  I love these they are Styrofoam cones covered in yarn with buttons glued on.  I love them.  They were simple and are just cute.

 Here is one last favorite ornament to share our first "couples" ornament.  I love this one with the two snow people snuggling. 

 We buy at least one new different snow man ornament each year and we always do one special ornament for each person in the family each year.  :)  What are your guys traditions??  Well time for me to make a cup of tea and curl up to read until I fall asleep (so probably 10 minutes lol)  Have a good one guys.

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  1. I love that ornament wreath!

    You're making me feel behind schedule, though...