Friday, November 2, 2012

Fav drug store makeup finds that are worth the $

Okay so I thought I would share some of my favorite make up finds with you.  These are things that don't cost a ton and are a very worth it.  It was sorta like going through the rabbit hole for me so be warned! There isn't a ton of rhyme or reason but these are all things I love and would re purchase!

My new fav foundation.  I just talked about this in my foundation reviews.  I just repurchased this because it was on buy one get one half off at ulta and they sent me a fabulous 20% off your entire purchase coupon!!! Love me some ulta!  I got a huge haul there of new things will have to talk about that another day.  Anyway love this very dewy and moisturizing with out greasy.

 Norwex makeup remover clothes.  I DO NOT sell norwex but I love these.  They take off my eye makeup (which I wear allot of) and they are re-washable and gentle and I do not break out they are 3 for 20$ and I love them!

I have mega dry skin/eczema and  it is a constant battle finding a face lotion that is moisturizing enough to take care of that issue with out causing break outs this one does that fabulous and you can find it at any drug store.

This is a super duper secret that I learned and I love this stuff is the same formula as smash box photo finish primer either mix it with your foundation or use it before as a primer it is amazing and way way less $.  It is in the feminine products isle.
The dark circle eraser is great I love it. 
 These 24 hour tattoos are awesome in bad to the bronze, the white color...(can't think of the name) and tough as taupe.  They work great as a eye primer too.
 This mascara rocks not clumpy and long plumpy lashes.
These sticks are awesome alone or as primers just make sure it isn't broke before you purchase it my first one was.

This bronzer is matte so it works well for contouring your face.  It is like 3$ I think.  So worth it.

Loreal infallible lip stick.  It claimes to last 10 hours.  I bought a few colors forever frappe and refined ruby.  Refined ruby is amazing!  It lasted hours without needing touched up and is a great red.  Forever frappe is a great more neutral color.
This is bubbles and caviar pallete from NYX  It is roughly 10$ and is a dupe for urban decay naked pallete.  I love love love the matte white.  It is mega hard to find a good pigmented matte white shadow and thiers is awesome!
and last but not least wet and wild eye shadows are awesome great creamy blend-able shadows with lots of mac dupes.

This one is comfort zone I am in love with the right top color a awesome antique gold and the bottom right a dupe for mac club. It is a copper color that has sparkles of that turquoise colors its very peacock-ish

and petal pusher which a wear all the time the crease color on the right is my fav it has big coppery sparkles.  I love it

Well there are some of my favs and some little tips for what drug store stuff works and is worth every penny.  Hope you like it and let me know if you try any of these!

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