Monday, November 5, 2012

My makeup rutine step by step (includes contouring, highlighting, and copper smokey eye with wet and wild petal pusher)

 Okay so this is sorta a scary post ,but it will show the difference between with out make up ,and with make up.  I will aslo show how I do my make up and what I use step by step.  My pics aren't going to be perfect and ignore the mod podge that is permanently on my desk in the girl cave. With out further ado here we go..

 Okay so here is me with half my make up done.
 The side with full make up and contouring

 the side with out make up done.. notice the redness, double chin, and sparse eyebrows.
 Okay so I start with lotion.  This works best on my dry skin I love it.  and I prime my face with the chub rub cream as I call it lol.  Really it is a anti chaffing cream but it is the exact formula or smash box photo finish primer but way less and I can grab it from walmart.

 Then I apply my foundation and I use this brush (I want to say it is eco tools or something of that sort)  I do one coat then touch up any problem areas.
 Here is the difference after that step.
 Then I contour my face I use sunny by nyc it is a matte bronzer so it works perfect.  I use my bare minerals brush usually
 Here is where I apply my contouring.. I drew right where I do it from my ear to the corner of my mouth just UNDER my cheek bones, then around my hair line then under my chin/jawline to cut down on double chin.

 here is after that step.
 Then I apply this blush with this brush.
 to the apple of my cheeks and back just above where I put my contouring right on top of my cheek bones.
 Next since I am doing a smokey eye I do this step I apply my fat eye pencil to the lash line and slightly higher and blend it with this nessa's naturals brush.
Here is after that step

 Now it is brows I forgot this step I normally do this after my foundation.  but I use a bed head pencil in blond and nyc brow powder and a angled shadow bush.  I do the pencil first filling in gaps and concentrating on the arch  and outter edge where I am sparse.  Then I dab the brown shadow color and dab a bit off on my hand and I fill in with that I start at arch then outer edge and work my way in.  It looks more natural when you use two colors if it gets a bit dark run a brow brush through.

Okay as for shadow I broke it down for you I was using wet and wilds petal pusher pallet.   
color 1: I covered the lid and up into the crease and under bottom lash line.
color 2: blended lightly up above the crease
 color 3: I dabbed in the outer corner and then blended upward into the crease a bit using the fluffy rounded brush. I also swept under the bottom lash line outer corner
color 4: was my highlight just under my brow

 Here is after shadow and brow
 Then I line my upper lash line in loreal carbon black intense and wing it slightly up at end. and line my water line in bed heads black liner.
 Progress pic.
A good coat of loreal mascara in black.

 Next I set everything with a this powder careful not to do my under eye area

 Now I put my maybelline concealer under my eye and in a triangle like so
I blend it out with my bare minerals concealer brush.  This step brightens and wakes up your face.
 here is the finished product.

Now sadly I get to cover it all with glasses lol.

Hope you like it if you have any questions please comment and I will get back to you.

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