Saturday, February 8, 2014

maybelline baby skin review.

 I thought I would take a break from packing posts and share a review I have been meaning to share for a bit now.  I was soo excited to finally see the maybelline baby skin finally in my store.  So right off the bat I can tell you that it is a dupe for the smash box photo finish primer.  It is a very slippery silicone feeling primer. I am sure most of you have heard but the monistat chaffing relief gel is the same formulation as the smash box primer also. I have that one on hand so I thought I would show you a comparison.
Here is what they  both look like on the back of my hand.

Here is the end product..

I can't even tell the difference if you are going for long wearing any of these might work. But I find they underwhelming they just make my foundation slip around and they don't help with fine lines, pores, or dry patches!  So I will have to say save your money if that is what you are looking for but if you love the smash box primer you will like it. 

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