Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Move day 2 Let the packing begin..

Today I began packing.  I went to the liquor store and grabbed a few boxes (a gf is getting me some awesome ones tomorrow but I needed some smaller boxes anyway for dvds and books so they don't get too heavy) I also grabbed some packing tape while I was out.
Now here is my rhyme and reason behind my packing method:
1. If you can live with out it pack it.  Start with things used less. and that aren't necessities
2. Pack things that are alike together, (dvds, books, nick knacks from the same rooms, ect.)
3. Put together a packing supply kit and keep it together. (mine includes: packing tape, scissors, permanit markers in two colors for different colored boxes, a bar of dove soap, plastic wrap, gallon size baggies, and putty.
4. label each box with both what is in it and where it goes.  You can use a color coated system if you like but I just write what it is i.e. books mom and dads room.
  5. Now this is a big one make sure on these long days during the move you have dinners figured out.  Snacks and beverages on hand.  I tossed potato soup in the crock pot.  Might not look like much but this is when I first tossed it in and I swear it is divine (esp after a long day of packing)  You toss in a bag of hash browns, a can of cream of chicken soup, two cans water or milk then one hour before you go to eat 8oz cream cheese.  I tossed in a bit of sea salt and some rosemary and we topped with bacon chunks and cheese.  Because I am extra lazy I had a crock pot liner in.  These might be another thing to have on hand when you are in this whole process.
 So after I threw dinner in the crock pot I started packing.  I decided I would start with getting dvds and books done today.  I packed up all our dvds.
 Yay a tiny bit of progress.
 I am saving the inserts from the boxes because I have a feeling they will come in handy with the other stuff down the line.
 Once that was done I went down and packed up all my and bens two books..  (with Max on my lap because he wasn't cooperating in this whole process)

I then took all my boxes and chose one spot out of the way in the room to start placing things.  I also packed up some puzzle books and color books and art supplies from the living room. After dinner I took down all the art and nick Knacks in the living room/ kitchen and as I did so I kept a container to toss nails in and some dove soap to run over holes and putty for things with bigger holes that required patching.  I did this as I went so that it goes smoother.

Now I will have you know mrs fire monster aka evea isn't taking this well it is already inconveniencing her and she has had many a melt down already!  The first thing out of her mouth when she got in the door from school was I had a bad day I need to watch cat in the hat...bad news it was packed..then I packed her crayons..not all the crayons in the house but the ones she wanted apparently.  So yeah it is going to be a long road with her.  
Well I am beat and off to bed tomorrow the big time packing begins starting in the guest room.  Have a good night people.

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