Monday, January 20, 2014

favorite home diys

I thought I would do a post showing some of my favorite diy refurbs from over the years.  I know I have done posts on some of them in the past if there is a before and after post I will have it linked ;).  They aren't in any certain order and I am going to to fast because I want to get this done before my little man wakes up from his nap..

my dresser This was a refub from a few years ago it was a process over time but I love this it was 25$ from goodwill I love this piece.

 This is my hubbies dresser it is beautiful and I love it too I haven't found knobs I would like to change it out with yet so I have just painted the original ones.
 My cedar chest I drug out of a barn at a antique shop.  I looked for one to go at the foot of my bed for ages this one was 30$. 
 My sofa table this was one of my original projects.  It was a hand me down from a gf.  I love the curves and the way it turned out.
 This isn't furniture but I loved this diy so much.  I took the pics my gf took and blew them up on plain printer paper and decoupaged them to wooden boxes.  The top is chalkboard.
 My lace side table.  I took my time and found lace that I really loved the pattern on and then used a pray adhsive to keep it still while I painted the silver paint over it.

 cabnet make over  This was a hand me down from my gf pat last year.  It took some vision to see what this could be compared to the original . By this point I had ribbed the card board out that covered the openings.

 kitchen table.  For sure one of my all time favorites.  This was a 5$ find at the goodwill.  My hubby thought that I was crazy when I gave away our kitchen table and brought this guy home.  It was in quiet a state back then. 

 And this little area by the front door.  The shelf and mirror were more goodwill finds.  I painted them I have some milk glass gifts from my knit gurus, a bouquet from my wedding and a p I covered in twine.
Well Those are some of my favorite diy/ refurbs from around the house.  I hope you enjoyed them

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