Thursday, January 30, 2014

new hair cut

I finally made a appointment to cut my hair.  I have been sick of it for a while now.  Even though my thyroid is off and I am losing hair like crazy it is still soo long and thick it was giving me headaches and I had to keep it up all the time so max didn't grab it.  So I made the plung.  I thought I would share some of my old hair styles for the new comers to show how far my hair has come in the last 4 years.  I will show some of my favorite styles.
This was august  2010 (less then a week after my breast reduction) This was my stock cut for a while there It was easy and cute and I was going to the gym all the time so that was important.

 This was new years eve that same year

This was march 2011 my thirtieth birthday.
Now these were this summer when I was still pregnant with max.
 This is when I could just scruch it and use some beach spray.
 Some head band curls.  I had trimmed and grown it out for a few years and it was actually a bit longer then this yesterday when I went in.
Here is the end product.  I debated going back to my short style but I went for a in between because I wanted to be able to pull it back still.  I love short hair but my hair is soo stick straight that if I don't style it every day I just look awful. 

Since then I touched up my front angle and thinned it a smidgen more because you can't see it but the back is awful and super crazy thick.  I might go short this spring who knows but for now I need anything that can give this minne-snow-dah girl some more warmth considering it is a record cold this year.  (many many below 0 temps in my area)  Have a good duy guys and to all my northerners stay warm.

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