Monday, June 24, 2013

7 cute easy 4th of july nail designs.

 Since it is mani monday and 4th of july is just around the corner I thought it would be a great time to share some cute nail ideas for festive 4th of july nails.  I have been saving these babies up for a long time!!  So here we go.
1.  This is super easy and super cute.  It just has a sparkly silver on pointer fingers, middle and ring have blue with silver polka dots, and thumb and pinky are red with white horizontal stripes.   Fun, sparkly, and patriotic.
 2.  Have you seen a cuter patriotic pedi then this??  I think not.  one foot is painted red with verticle white stripes and the other is blue with white stars.  All you need for the stars is a star hole punch you can find them in the scrap booking section of any store for like 1.00 and some painters tape.  :)  If you want to make the stripes extra perfect you can cut little strips of tape to put down and just paint over then peel off.

3.  This is super adorable too and would be great for kids nails.  It has a metallic blue with white polka dots over except for the accent nail is white with one sparkly red star.  

This one is fun and red white and blue but leans a bit on the nautical side so it is less in your face patriotic to where you could wear it more then just the 4th.  For the stripes they used sally hansons french mani stickers and cut them to size painted a heart and put a top coat over.  Easy breezy.
Now this last one is extra awesome because it is three for one and a video tutorial by the awesome jennfabulous.  They are all easy and cute as can be. 

 I forgot one and had to come back and add it.  It was too cute to skip so you get a bonus 8th ;).  This is another one that is more under stated you have red nails except the two accent nails which one is glittery and one is blue and white stripes with a red heart over easy clean and cute :)

Let me know if you try any of these I haven't decided which I will be sporting yet but I am excited for sure.

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