Thursday, June 27, 2013

easy chevron nails.

I have found it... the secret to the perfect chevron nails.  I have tried all different ways to accomplish chevron nails and they always come out looking shoddy.  But I finally found it.  It is make it stick nail designs.
(btw no I don't know the shop owner, no I didn't get these free or even at discount.  It was just something I wanted to try and purchased with my own $)  It cost 10$ per sheet of 80 which I figured out my nails take 3 strips a piece and at one accent nail per mani that is 26.6 mani .37 cents a mani :).  I can deal with that for sure
Okay so here is how it works..  they look like this..
I ordered black and white but they come in all kinds of colors.  The little zig zag strips are singles not in a sheet of 4 so you can use as few or as many as you need for each nail.
Here is what I used to complete the mani colors and all.  But things you need are:
  • cuticle nippers (or small scissors)  
  • tweezers
  • top coat 
  • base coat
  • color polish

Here is a step by step to get this look 
  1. paint your base coat and let dry
  2. paint two coats of color
  3. after color is totally dry rub the decal you are going to pick up to make sure the adhesive is stuck well 
  4. pull up using tweezers and place carefully on nail (i started at tip and lined up way I wanted) press down decal 
  5. trim decal with manicure scissors or cuticle nippers making sure to keep decal off skin and only on nail.
  6. When you place next decal make sure the zig zags line up perfectly I match mine to the middle of the nail.
  7. when done paint two good top coats over the nails with decals (one is fine for nails with out but I recommend 2-3 coats for nails with decals)  I prefer out the door it dries almost instantly and works amazingly it is like seche vite which is amazing but no bad t3 which is not fabulous for you.  
It really is that easy to get this super cute mani.  I know she has tons of other cute decals too (anchors, shoes,ect)  she also has different thickness of stripes for zig zag too.  If anyone has any questions please comment below and I hope you find this helpful 

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