Wednesday, June 19, 2013

29 week update

This week has been a whirl wind!  I took the 3 hour glucose test and even though it was a nightmare I passed.  Our weekend went well.  We stopped on the way back from meeting monkey butts dad and watched a parade.  It was a good time and saturday we got to have a date just me and the hubby for dinner and a movie. That was a nice rare treat.

I also gave in and got a pedicure since it is just getting too hard to do for myself.  I had a hair cut today which was good.  Other then that it has been a struggle with the kiddos my Fire monster has been a nightmare today she might as well not have ears  because she doesn't use them to listen to a word I say lol.  And my hubby dropped his phone in a bucket of oil at work!!!  So he has one coming in the mail but all week he has had to time share with monkey butts during the day.  So if you can picture my hubby at work with a rainbow leapord print phone that has Taylor swift for the  At least that is a bit of consolation lol.

I did take a video today of little Max going crazy in my belly.  I was watching Melmphs vidoe on drugstore bronzers and he was going nuts.  He has been a wild man all day. 

Well I am going to enjoy a ice cream with the hubby and relax Have a good night guys :)

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