Wednesday, June 12, 2013

28 week update

Today marks 28 weeks.  It has been a roller coaster of a week.  I found out my mama sherry won't be able to come until a month after baby boy was born.  So I was super bummed and shed quiet a few tears.  This would have been the only baby I would have had a mom here for.  I also failed my 1 hour glucose test even though I was careful what I ate in the morning.  I wasn't even close.  It makes me nervous because with fire monster I was boarder line gestational diabetes.  I had to check my blood all the time and what not.  So tomorrow I have to fast then sit in the clinic for 3 hours for the follow up test.  (not excited for that)  I have been more pooped and I took two naps but I would have taken more if I could have got a moment of piece but that just didn't happen. 

As for the baby boy he is 21/4 pounds and 14.8 inches.  He can blink, has eye lashes, and can see light that filters through the womb.  I have went to the chiropractor once for my back and it helped quiet a bit I am going back tomorrow.  When I went yesterday I was happily surprised to find out my chiropractor is pregnant too!  We were both trying at the same time but she had been trying for a while and gone through fertility treatments so I was thrilled for her.  To top it off she is 3 days behind me!  How crazy is that lol.  Well I need to feed my girls and get them to get moving because today is our library day.  :)  Have a good one guys.   Keep your fingers crossed for my glucose test tomorrow.

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