Tuesday, June 18, 2013

waterproof full face drug store makeup step by step tutorial

 Okay so today I was headed to the pool with a gf and our kids and I decided it would be a great time to take pics and do a step by step tutorial on how I do my make up so it is waterproof and weather proof.  I even braved starting off with a completely bare face!. Now I did myself up more then I usually would because I had other things and places to be before and after pool time so I did a bit more then average pool day.
So step one for me is always sunscreen.  I am vampire pale and freckle like no ones business and I am trying to avoid te dreaded malasma this pregnancy so sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen.  I used this marykay time wise day because it is what I had lol.
Here is sunscreen only shots.

 Next I used a bb cream.  Now depending on the coverage you want you could stop with this and I often do but I did more today.  I used this one instead of my garnier because I am testing it out and it has a higher spf then the garnier too.

 Here is lotion and bb cream.
 Next I did eyes.  I used a maybelline color tattoo in inked pink and over that I put a L'Oreal infallible shadow in iced latte.  (you can use a color tattoo only for a low key day)
I used a bit of my wet and wild nude attraction palette In the crease I used the left side crease color and the outer v I used the right side lid shade. 
 Then I had to fill in my brows because mine are light and very sparse.  I used the flower line pencil in brown (the staying power of this is pretty awesome)
 Then because it looks more natural with some powder and pencil I went over then with some elf brow powder.

Here is just eye make and brows.
 Now for eye liner.  I used the remmil scandal eyes in brown on lower lash line and the nude in waterline and the milani eyeliner pen in black for my top winged liner.
 Some how went I went back I didn't take pics for my mascaras???  Well I put a coat of maybelline the rocket and then over that a coat of almay get up and grow (both in waterproof formula)  the rocket helps hold curl better then the almay makes then thicker and longer.
 Here are the finished eyes.
 Then I wanted a bit more coverage so I mixed one pump of covergirl 3 in 1 with a dot of magic lumi primer.  and dabbed it on my tzone with my soho makeup sponge (just like the beauty blender only 5$-7$ at walgreens) for a bit more coverage. 
Then I added under eye concealer.  I used my covergirl and then a bit of remmil wake me up concealer. 
 You want to put your under eye concealer in a upside down triangle like in this picture.  Then blend it out.  It is more flattering, brightening, and makes under eye circles and bags less apparent then when you just do the purple area.
 Then I contour.  I like nyc sunny it isn't water proof but I haven't found a great waterproof bronzer.
 When I contour I do the hollows of my cheeks from ear to edge of eye then stop and I do my temples and under my chin.  I took a pic so you can see.
 For blush and highlight I used milani luminoso. (a great dupe for nars orgasm) on my cheek bones and wet and wild reserve your cabana on top of your cheek bones.
 Then I set it with some powder (mostly my under eye concealer and t zone)  The nearly naked revlon is my holy grail it is so finely milled it is great stuff.
 Here is the finished product..

 Now I took some pics after I got home from errands and being at the pool for hours in 80 some degree heat on a high pollen day with watery allergy eyes!  This is a full 8 hours later after all of that.
 Not too bad I am more freckly but when you are as pale as me that is to be expected.
It is all still there and my wings on my liner are even still intackt.  
Now we all had to do these after pool must haves.  I got this after sun cool lime lotion at walmart it feels and smells amazing (keep it in fridge) and we always need some detangler and some organix coconut milk for our hair (my pump broke so its int he pink bottle. then brush it through with our tangle teazer ( a life saver in my house)  

Well I am off to down some cool drinks and veg on the couch..  (perfect time for some of my 0 cal  passion tea lemonaide in my new cute mason jar glass from shopko)

I am going to put up another post soon for whats in my beach bag and a maternity outfit of the day for pool and errands this week some time.  I hope you guys are having a great day and staying cool.  and please if you haven't vote on what cut I should use for my hair tomorrow is the big day!!!  Night every body.

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