Sunday, June 9, 2013

Products I have used up

 So I know one of the types of videos I love to watch on youtube is products I used ups.  I love them because they show what people use if they liked it and if they would repurchase it.  I think that is great info to know.  So I saved up stuff for a few months now so that I could share it with you so here they are.  

Neutrogena healthy skin foundation: I used this up and I am not sure I would repurchase it. In winter it tended to cling to dry patches.  It might be okay for summer for my dry skin but we haven't had summer weather yet so couldn't tell ya lol.

 covergirl glossy balm.  I might repurchase this but for one not in this color and for two it broke like on the second use so was a total waste!
 revlon age rewind under eye treatment and concealer.  I used this up I have one more to use up I loved this and but I both I bought had issues where the packaging was broke.  This one had a crack in the twist part and it had to be pushed back togather constantly because it didn't fit right then the other one the inside part was off and allot of the product leaked into the inside and won't get used.  All in all won't repurchase the maybelline lumi concealer is better and the best is the covergirl where it is swirled with moisturizer.
 Suave touchable finish hair spray.  I will repurchase and already have.  This is my favorite it smells great isn't sticky and is build-able.  It is cheap and cheerful and I love it.
 revlon colorstay shadow stick.  I loved this was broke when I opened it so never really worked great for me!!!  If you look the brown side hasn't even been used because it was broke so bad and the pink side a big chunk was broke off so I got to use about a quarter for the product in this.  I have the inked pink color tattoo which works great so probably won't repurchase this and if I did I would really examine it before buying.
Loreal magic lumi primer.  I don't use this as a primer typically,  I add a bit into heavier foundations to make them a bit more dewy or I use it as a liquid highlight.  If I got a good deal I would repurchase this but I do have one with some left for now :)
 Milani eyebrow marker.  I wouldn't repurchase this. I waited for ever for my kmart to have my color in and then  It seemed really dry and by the time I got one eyebrow done and went to the next it would be too dry to use.
 Two lip stains one pallado one covergirl wouldn't repurchase either have learned I just don't love lip stains and if I wanted to use one it would be a revlon balm stain.
 Maybelline smooth mousse foundation.  I do like this and would and have repurchased it.  It gives a good Dewey finish and decent coverage I recommend applying it with a paddle foundation brush it works well.
 Bare minerals Flawless definition volumizing mascara.  I wouldn't repurchase this because while it gave great fullness and length it flaked like crazy!!!  And not in very long of a time either.
 colgate total tooth paste.  Was fine would repurchase not a super picky toothpaste person just so long as its mint.
The last two products I lost my pics of but I found a few online so I could still share.  I used up some equate oil free eye-makeup remover.  I did like this I will repurchase.  It is compared to the neutrogina one.

bioderma.. I LOVED there was a few problems it isn't readily available in the states so we have to order on amazon, and two it is pricy.  If it was available in the states I would purchase it even if it is pricy though it takes everything off and doesn't sting eyes.  I love it.
So there you have it all my products I have used up and what I thought and if I would repurchase or not.  I  think I have got my laptop problems worked out so I should be back to posting regular (yay).

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