Wednesday, June 26, 2013

30 week update

Time for another weekly pregnancy update.  This week I am 30 weeks.  We have been pretty busy.  Monkey butts play has been going on so running for that.  The opening day there was a severe storm and tornado warning where we had to head to the basement until we got the "alls clear".   We got out of the basement just in time for her to make it to her opening night and all went well. 

We ordered the crib for the nursery (you can see details on that and the progress on the post I did earlier today)  We made lots of progress in Max's room.  That little man has been busy as can be.  He has been doing flips and kicking like crazy.  Last night I was snuggling the hubby trying to fall asleep and he was kicking so hard he kept my hubby awake kicking him in the back lol.  I took a video this afternoon of him doing some big movements I will add that at the end of the post.  Monkey butt has four more showings of her play this weekend and then her and Fire monster will be gone until we head to cities to pick them up. :)  I have a drs appt. next week too.  So a few fun updates next week. 

Hope you guys are having a good day here is the video of Max.

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