Wednesday, June 5, 2013

27 week update

 Its here...I am officially in the 3rd trimester.  I am 27 weeks and the baby weighs 2 pounds and has 14 1/2 inches.  He sleeps at regular intervals and is opening and closing its little eyes.
 It can also suck its thumb or fingers. 

As for what went on this week.  I had a awful case of food poisoning and was in the hospital from 2 a.m. until around same time in afternoon.  I had 2 bags of fluids and 3 doses of anti-nausea meds.  The wouldn't let me go until I kept down 2 saltines.   Never been soo sick in my life.  I was still having issues through the weekend.  While my hubby went to his grandmas 80th 7 hours away he dropped me at my sisters and I relaxed hung out with family.  I picked up a few things at target.  I bought 3 more lean and long tanks. (they are perfect and still long enough to cover the big baby belly.)  I also got a black maxi skirt that can double for a dress.  It is super comfy and what I am wearing today for the 27 week picture. 

Other then that just being home and getting back into the grove of things after my monkey butt being gone all last week.  I did try out my dotting tools.  Here is the pic I instagramed :)  I love them.  To fun.
Well my hubby just got off work and we are going to enjoy some quiet time before doing errands :)  Have a good one guys.

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