Monday, June 17, 2013

my fav. beauty gurus.

It is no secret that I am obsessed with youtube/watching makeup tutorials/get ready with me videos/ get unready with me videos/favorite ect.  I thought it would be fun to share with you guys some of my favorite gurus that I just can't get enough of.  This is in no certain order btw.

I totally love missglamorazzi/aka ingrid.  She is cute as a button.  I went through a whole funk when her and her boyfriend broke up recently (so sad) but she is and will always be a fav guru of mine.

How to be fancy.  She is very different but very cool and cute and soo much fun.

Leighannsays  I love Leigh ann.  She is crazy and lots of fun.  She is sarcastic and a bit crazy but not in a bad way.  Love her!

Itsjudytime.  Judy is my girl!  She is from the seattle area and she does some of the best first impressions and tutorials out there she is cute but to the point so her videos don't waste allot of time talking about nothing lol.
she is amazing totally <3 her.="" p="">

Littleladylohrey She is my new FAV.  I love her I don't know why she just rocks my world.  I find myself checking for her videos lol I was actually bummed she didn't do a Friday favorites this week but she is moving so I get that. ;)  She went to hair school like me, and she is my neighbor in WI.  So she also froze her butt off this winter lol. She inspired me to start shopping on and also I couldn't not buy the wet and wild limited edition palette off ebay once I watched this. She is great check her out 

makeupbytiffanyd.  Probably the first makeup guru I started following but still a fav. she is awesome.

Glamlifeguru Aka tati.  She is a goodie

Melmphs aka melissa.  She is very southern very crazy but I love her to peices.Me and my girls look forward to her friday favorites and a possible poo every week. When they hear her cheer and goofy singing they come running lol

and last but not least beautybroadcast with emily noele.  She is informative and funny and knows her stuff.  I always listen to her opinions.  She was a news broadcaster for years and it shows.  She is amazing.  Love her.  I rocked this look all the time this winter with my lorac pro palette.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this.  I love these guys they find their way into my home and life almost everyday.   Check them out and get inspired.

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