Tuesday, June 11, 2013

swimming/ summer proof drugstore make up

So between this weeks first trip to the outdoor pool (in 80 degree weather) and swimming at the ymca for excercise I have been testing out waterproof make up for both pool proof and weather proof.  I thought I would share some of the things that have worked well.  :)  Especially today not only did I spend a hot day at the pool but I was stressed and upset/pregnancy hormones and cried like a baby numerous times and they held out!  Not a smudge of mascara and even my winged liner stayed put!  (my wing has been disappearing allot lately from weather and allergies super annoying) Here is the tops so far:

For mascara I have tried a few different waterproof formulas (covergirl clump crusher=didn't like, loreal million lash= not great a few others too) I am not totally and completely in love so far but the stand out is maybelline the rocket volume.  It stayed put no smearing smudging flaking and even through the tears it stayed put.  (if you have a favorite waterproof to recommend please leave a comment I would love to try another) This one is good but didn't love the way my lashes looked but sometimes you need to give mascaras a bit ;)

 For my shadow today and most days at the pool I have been wearing maybelline 24 hour tattoo shadows.  These last with out creasing through swimming, tears, steamy weather you name it they are a champ.

Holy impressive eyeliner.  Now if you are a fan of liquid eyeliner you HAVE to give this a try.  I love felt tip eyeliner.  It is easy to apply and the pointier the tip the better.  This one has a great shape and packaging allot like the loreal one I love, but one issue with that one that made me quit using it..my wing would disappear with the moisture from my eyes.  Well let me tell you I grabbed this baby today on the way to the drs.  I left the drs cried...cried at the pool in 80 degree heat..wiped at my eyes..all kinds of things and not a bit of eyeliner out of place I had a wing as great as when I put it on.  This is a must and it was like 6$ so not bad at all!  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

 Now another stand out I have found if you aren't a fan of liquid eyeliner is the remmil scandal eyes waterproof kohl eyeliners.  They are great for the waterline or if I am not in the mood for liquid I love these too.  I have nude which is great in waterline for brightening eyes and making them appear bigger, I have taupe , purple (not sure the name) and black.  Love all of them and will probably buy more since they are amazing and only 4.50 and if they couldn't get better there is almost always 1$ off remmil coupons in the paper making them even less! (and me being the girl I am I can even look for a bogo to go with it lol)
The remmil scandal eyes waterproof shadow sticks are awesome too.  I only have one so far but will be out for more asap too.  Right now I have bullet proof beige which is a great lid of inner corner color.  These would make a great base for under shadows just like the 24 hour tattoos.  They are very much like nyx jumbo sticks but a WAY better value because the nyx have very little product since can't be sharpened these can and they are waterproof and rock.  :) They are around the same price as the eyeliners and you can get the same great deals.

  If you are looking for a light coverage with some spf I recommend a bb cream.  My favorite is the garnier they come in a oily skin formula too, but I use this allot wither just under my foundation or a quick throw on to even out skin and give a glow and some spf.
Now if you want a great stay put foundation with good coverage that will out last the elements while giving a beautiful satin finish try maybellines super stay 24 hour foundation.  It blend beautifully, stays put, and covers well.  I love it.  But keep in mind no spf .   When I use this for outdoor use I put a moisturizer with spf, then my b.b. cream with spf then I put this where I still need evened out. :)
Now remember you still will want to set this with some powder if you in the heat I love my revlon nearly naked powder it is my holy grail.  Good luck let me know if you have any recommendations I would love to hear them :)

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