Saturday, September 7, 2013


When I had Max I was lucky enough that my gf Amy was there to take picture of all the special moments you might forget or want to cherish when going through the wonderful day of your babies birth. I picked some of my favorite moments she caught to share the story of the day with you.
This is the moment that they said I was at 10 and ready to go.
 This was the monitor we watched all day.
This was me and my hubby when they started to get things ready for me to have max.
 He was such a great support. 
This is me pushing.
Here is the moment the dr caught Max.
Here is the little guy with my dr.
Here is the example of a great moment I would have forgotten.  This is the first time I held Max.  Clearly I would never forget that but what I did forget was..
Them trying to get the monitor unstuck from his hair lol.
Such  sweet little guy and such a great moment.
He is just soo sweet
Our first family photo both a bit choked up.
Here is the screen saying he weighed 8pds 2 oz.
Here is daddy cutting his cord.

Holding daddys hand while he got cleaned up.
Waiting to hold his little man.
Max's feet crossed waiting in the little crib thing.
Daddy holding his baby boy for the first time
Love this.
Daddy had to try his football hat Amy knit him on.
Here is when the girls came to meet their baby brother
I know one thing...this was love at first sight for sure.

So excited to meet her brother.
Could hardly wait her turn to hold the little guy.
Soo in love with baby brother.
So those were a few of my favorite special moments that got caught.  I am soo happy that these were captured. 

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the moments when this little guy entered our world and changed our lives forever.  :)

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