Thursday, September 5, 2013

39 week update/ meet baby Max

Well I got my laptop back and have all kinds of stuff to share.  I had a crazy few weeks I just now got around to doing the 39 week update.  I had a long 38 week.  Made a couple trips to labor and delivery for monitoring and found out Max was transverse!!!  I had a sideways baby.  You can't have a baby that way.  So we got our options.  1 try to turn him which he was supposed to be big and 39 weeks and they normally do it at 36 weeks and has a 1/3 chance of working at 36 weeks 2. wait and see if he turned and risk going into labor with a sideways baby and getting a emergency c section.  3. schedule a c section.  So we were told go home mull it over.  We decided to ask for a ultrasound before I saw my ob again the next day.  We were soo excited to find out he turned.  We asked to be induced as soon as we could.  Friday at 7:00 am we were at the hospital. 
Here is me waiting on my nurses.

 Now I super duper lucked out not only did I have two amazing nurses Angie and Jordan who made my life complete but my amazing o.b. wasn't seeing patents but delivered me anyway!!!  That made me feel much better knowing I was in such great hands.  So here was the time line.
8:00 pitocin started 
10:00 break water
11:30 get epidural
1:00 at 5cm
2:00 6 cm
2:45 7cm
3:00 8cm
3:45 10 cm 
3:55 dr asks if ready to push and sets up
4:02 and 2 pushs later maxwell james was born!!
I had pretty much 0 pain..  I got the epidural sooner then I thought I would and just hung out with a gf and Ben and watched movies and chatted.  Things went well I could feel pressure but no pain.  I had him way quicker then the girls they were 45 min and 44 min active labor max was literally 5 minutes active labor.  The only issue was there is allot more pain after your 3rd baby.  I feel like maybe they should have left my epidural in a few extra days lol.  We are all amazed and in love.
He was 8 pds 2 oz and 21"  

Here is me and my girls with the little guy. 
Here is fire monster enjoying being a big sister

 Here are the two men I love to pieces.
He is such a snuggly sweet little guy
Sorry it took me so long to post this guys.  I was working on it sunday when we brought the big guy home and I saved it to finish later that day well by monday Max was airlifted to Sioux Falls s.d. and we spent the rest of the week until today in the n.i.c.u.!!!  I will post more about that later but for now just know we are all home and healthy but extremely exhausted.  We spend a week away from our girls so we decided to keep them home and just relax and get some bonding time after this huge scary mess but for now I am going to go try to catch some sleep while I can.  I promise a post up soon to explain :)

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