Friday, April 23, 2010

here we come weekend

Well fire monster is going to her grandmas for the weekend with my sister in law. I spent some extra time with her last night. We curled up to snuggle and watch monster house. She would get really into it and look at me wide eyed and say this is soo scary. :) This is her soo enthralled. She was very cute but she is very naughty and I am also very much looking forward to some just me and hubby time. :)

Okay so moving on... for any ov you who are netfilx fans. You know that one flap of paper you always rip off and throw away well one day I happened upon a site that has a whole bunch of origami things you can make out of it. So stock pile them up and the next non school day or rainy day that the kids are driving you crazy set the to work :)
here is one heart

and a little pouch I also made a box but fire monster smashed it and ripped it up...
Other then that I finished the be mine socks that monkey butt insisted I had to make for her

We skipped the cables on the foot because she is sooooo picky I was worried that the feeling would bother her when she wore shoes. It is made from trekking that the lovely Lynn brought for her during fire monsters 1st bday party. and from two at a time socks the book she gave me for my birthday a few years ago :)

They aren't my favorite aren't my least favorite either. but she loves them to pieces. Since the fire monster will be gone until Sunday I decided I could start this...

There is a long story behind this we will get to it later... but for now I have to finish these socks so I can spend all weekend in bed with the hubby movies and Chinese delivery :)
Have a good weekend guys

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