Monday, November 29, 2010

christmas decorations so far

So I am no decorator extraordinaire. I am still learning all the time. This is some of the things I have up this year so far.

we made these for 4 $ from the dollar store the other day

I think these hurricane glasses are beautiful I grabbed some poinsettias that had berries cut them up and filled them with the flowers, berries, and leaves. Perfecto!! It is just a candle stick holder hot glued to a vase and a candle. I can't wait to use this for other seasons :) soo pretty

some silver beads and candles in jars from old candles. you toss them in the freezer and the old candles pops out

these didn't turn out quiet like I planned and I went through like 800 hot glue sticks and have many burns lol. Next year I will be smart and get lots of empty bulbs of different sizes and some bags of the little berry things from the dollar store and just fill them lol

a few decorations on the ledge (for the cat to knock over with his butt no doubt)

Mr and Mrs Santa from my lovely grandma (all of us girls have a set )

My advent calender (I stole the idea from here at hello sugarplum but I really wasn't feeling the tree thing I though this worked better for our area)

That is all I really have up for now. It is a work in progress we don't have a tree yet that will be a post onto its own. :) what do you guys do for decorations??


  1. Very cute! Tell me what you do with your advent calendar - are there treats inside that the kiddos get to eat each day? Do you take one down? My kids did interlocking circles of construction paper to make a "chain" - then ripped one off each day.
    I have a store bought advent calendar with the little windows to open each day. The kids all set up the tree over the Thanksgiving weekend. No stockings up yet or other decorations, though.

  2. I leave treats for them everyday. we are debating taking one down each day at this point no but each night we put treats in there for the next day (otherwise evea would just eat them all lol) They got gum and little pills you put in water and they turn into sponge animals today but sometime it will be notes saying something we will do that day (watch rudolph that sort of thing) I guess I didn't explain very well lol. It is the my brain in turning into goo