Monday, May 17, 2010

autism 5K

Saturday was the day me and my whole family were entering and either walking or running the autism 5k. Mostly we were doing it to show our support for our beloved Calvin but there are many many people we were thinking of too have been effected by this. One out of every one hundred kids is diagnosed with autism and every 15 seconds a child is being diagnosed with it. But yet it isn't covered by insurance. My nephews family and tons and tons of children out there can't get any sort of therapy or support of any kind. The bill to make it insurable was denied by 5 votes this year!!! Isn't that absolutely heart breaking. But I did the math and between what my brother in law raised and what we donated to enter the race it was over 350$ so there is a bit more to help the cause at least. Next year I bet we can triple that we just weren't thinking this year. :)

This is us before the race. (clockwise from top left) my sisters Angela and Melissa then ,Lane Megan, Larry ,Shelby (monkey butt) ,Evea (firemonster) and Calvin.

In the other one we didn't have Lawna she is our sister we took under our wing (kind of by force it is like a boarder line head lock really lol) she is in the blue jacket

For part of the race in the beginning Calvin and Shelby were holding hands and running it was very cute

but eventually they lost focus got tired shelby started to complain and Calvin got distracted by every thing lol he had to ask every dog that went by its name. but the two big kids walked the whole 3 miles. Larry and Lawna ran ahead of us. Big Lar as we all call him started running this year. He is doing sooo great he ran the 5 k in just over 30 minutes and Lawna was not too long after him. We all walked with the kids and the stroller and came in absolutely dead last lol. Poor Shelby had to go # 2 for the whole last mile she sprinted up to a out house that was probably a good 10 yards from the finish line we all waited out for her and she came out crying there was no toilet paper and she walked bold legged across the finish line with us and went to find another out house with toilet paper lol. By the time we got to the end all the food and prizes were gone (apparently they think all kids with autism are fast no one told them how easily distracted they are lol) So we had one bag of chips and headed out

We all went to lunch went home and BBQ and played some badminton. :) It was great it was wonderful my family is amazing I love that 90 % of us made it (Ben got forced into mandatory over time and my dumb brother was "car shopping") So yeah it was good stuff I am proud of every one My heart swelled and tears came to my eye many times that day. I am one of the luckiest people in the world when I am surrounded by my family.

Today is day 3 of my green smoothie challenge (1 liter a day for 14 days) I have had one bad one (romaine lettuce watermelon strawberry's and honeydew (too slimy) one good one watermelon honeydew and spinach. I will let you know how today's is.


  1. Hi Aimee, I'm so glad you and your family came out to support the 5K and the cause on such a beautiful day. It sounds like overall you had a fun morning. The photos are great!

    This was our 2nd year running the Autism 5K and we continue to try and make it better. Our numbers just surged this year, especially in the last week leading up to the race. Next year we'll absolutely rent more porta-potties for both the start and finish. We'll also do a better job making sure we only let people take one item each, so that there is food left for the walkers. We also need to try and get participants to only take food from the peanut-free/casein-free/gluten-free table if they truly have food allergies, so that is available at the end for the families that need those options the most.

    Thanks again for being there, spreading the word and helping us raise funding which will help us fund grants for kids in need!

  2. thank you for putting this togather for such a great cause. I have worked with autism for almost 10 years I was very proud to run it and I appriciate that you had peanut free (my 2year old has peanut allergies) even if they were gone by the time we got there. Next year I look forward to raising the most I can before the race. This was my first ever so I didn't know what to expect next year I am all in :) see you there