Wednesday, December 16, 2009

here we go...

I have been waiting all day for this people :) After a long day of sitting around with the kids and husband and having basically no interaction I find that it is great to pretend that someone actually cares what I have to say so I store it all in my head hop on the computer at the end of the day and pretend that anyone is actually listening to all my ranting and weirdness. So needless to say I have lots of things to talk to my self about tonight lol.

First off I have a new arch enemy my living room blinds which hate me I know it. No matter how much i fuss with them and baby them they never line up right and they always have gaps and then fire monster/goat walks through them and the work is all for not. sigh. Not to mention the stress of being behind on my orders for work which is killlllling me I hate that sooo much. My phone is ringing off the hook with women desperate for lubricants and bedroom accessories.

I can not for the life of me find a book that I can get into. I have been reading lots lately flew through all the Charlaine Harris sookie stackhouse novels and one Harper connely (not as good) read dear john my next movie book club book with my sister in law, I read all the immortal instruments series. I have nothing left I can get into I have tried the uglies and the first 50 pages have drug sooo bad. I have numerous others I just can't get hooked any ideas??

This is the 5th ave infinity scarf i finished for my sis in law that is being blocked into submission right now

I have also decided to add a new regular thing to my blog the list of things the firemonster/goat ate/tried to eat for the day. Today so far the list looks a little something like this:1 hand strengthen putty 2 chap stick 3 the cats toy ball. I need a ticker like the have at work places only it will count down the days with out calls to poison control she just won't learn and no where is safe from the climbing tricky little spider monkey!!!

so there are my rants for the day on to the good stuff. The girls have a new love... the gummy bears a childhood favorite of mine and it has stood up to the test of time pretty darn well better the care bears I will tell you that. It has been fun we get the discs from netflicks and they are really long and last us days. :)

I love that I put my first pattern up on my blog and i linked it to ravelry as a free pattern for anyone who will suffer through my blog (ha ha ha). I am very proud of it and as you can imagine my family was sooo thrilled and happy for me (not really they have no clue what I am talking about at all and changed the subject) I have made up patterns always but this is the first time that I have shared one in anyway.

I also spent allot of time cleaning and getting my house work done today and did the dusting that my husband neglected to get done yesterday. I have been working on the mitten pattern for evea that my husband requested to hook her mittens on so they don't fall off all the time (not that the other ones do) I will probably be done tomorrow. But thanks to one of my favorite things ever knitting help I learned to do a one row button hole which is magical and I love so we can all look forward to that little treasure in the next pattern. :)

This is the owl hat (who) I made for my sisters friend jackie

So let me share one more little story with you guys last Monday monkey butt woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She usually is a pretty easy going kid not prone to many fits but when she throws one she holds back no punches it is a nasty knock down drag out fit that involves kicking screaming at the top of her lungs and what not. She does know how to throw them. and last Monday morning was one of THE FITS. She was in a time out sitting at the end of out kitchen hall and I was probably screaming and threatening with torturous death having had my buttons pushed in 800 different ways the last of which was throwing a crayon at me.

The neighbor came and knocked on the door to check and "make sure everything was okay" me now mortified because clearly the neighbor who is 50 has one dog and no husband or children doesn't understand that my child is screaming out of anger not because she is being stabbed with hot needles is the eye like it clearly sounds like. So after reassuring the neighbor that everything is fine my daughter learned a valuable lesson that day. after the time out I took down two Christmas presents made her unwrap them so she could see what she would have received and then we went and donated them to toys for tots to a child who no doubt needs them more then my ungratefully fit throwing child who btw hasn't given me so much as a peep of trouble since. and I also made her go apologise to the neighbor for "scaring her dog" so much she had to come check on her and reassure her that she will be quiet in her time outs from now on.

btw the neighbor I am pretty sure probably still thinks we are monsters who torture our children and keep them in cages when we aren't beating them but that is her problem lolI am just happy to have my girl back to her normal self. I swear it must have been a full moon or something.

Doesn't look like this sweet girl could cause all that trouble does it.

did I tell you the cat right at home already lol


  1. Hard to believe that sweety could cause so much trouble - but what a fantastic solution! Of course, she was unlucky enough to have her blow out close to Christmas. Had she done this in June, you wouldn't have had such a great lesson.

    BTW - saw your pattern on Ravelry. Congrats!

  2. yeah we figure it was a great lesson and it also gave a chance to give to a great charity and that is always a great thing to. :) she was will think twice next time :)

    and thanks evea is in love with them they turned out great.

  3. ps i miss you where the heck have you been lol