Sunday, December 13, 2009

Well hello there long time no see...

I am back at long last. I have been very busy. So much has changed in the YEAR since I posted. I have been a busy girl. I no longer am working for a certain cell phone carrier. I stay home with my two girls and am in the direct sales industry selling pure romance products. I am home all but a few hours a month. Much better whew. We just moved into a bigger place a town home which is still a suburb or the twin cities. My monkey butt has a new school which she is in kindergarten at and doing absolutely great at she is doing wonderful. :) As for the fire monster just as fiery as ever. She just turned two and makes me crazy I am90% sure she snuck onto the fridge this morning and got down the advent calenders and ate more of her sisters days!!! She is way tooo good at climbing and my sister nick names her the goat. Over the weekend she ate a eraser a eggshell many other more edible things and I thought she ate one of my skull candy ear bud things because I found one in her mouth and one was still missing but I found the other was a close call though!!!

We also had my nephew cal over the weekend who I love to pieces over the last year he has been diagnosed with autism and he has grown leaps and bounds. So was a busy weekend... but lets get down to the business. I have been knitting til my hands go nub lol.

Okay so these are the presents I have been working on for the at present. These are the finished ones I still have possession of I have three hats that are gone already :)

This is a fifth avenue infinity scarf made out of loiusa harding kashmir. I love the yarn, love the scarf it is great pattern was a bit hard to handle at first but I can see another in my future :) but this one is my sister in law.

This is not knitting but a craft non the less and way more of a challenge for me this is a rice bag I added some sleepy time herbal tea to make it smell nice and make it better for the sinus's and I sewed the rice in little compartments to keep it from spreading too much. This is for my niece Megan who is 12. There were more made but none turned out nice enough to show to the public. damn it Jim I am a knitter not a sewer!!!

These are lovely. They are the pattern toast which love love love and read her blog every day. there are two pairs out of vintage wool and one out of misty hand painted alpaca. I love them and i made little thumb holes in case they would like to stick their thumbs through. :) I made little changes to each one and sewed a made with love charm to each one :) They will find homes with Ben's lovely aunties who I love yes that is right now all of my hubby's family is the crazy drunkin circus. And this is the latest work of arm nestled between my wine/cranberry juice and pomatomus's It is a foliage hat made from glazed carrot malabrigo for my sister in law to replace the one I made her last year and she loved but lost. and yes the same sister in law who gets the 5th ave scarf. and that fire place should be going but unfortunately due to insurance reason cannot use it way way disappointing because Minnesota is coooold. anyway. Those are the current projects. I have been a busy bee and will continue to be. :) My hubby is great too btw. He is enjoying peice and quiet and watching football. YES it is that time of year when i am neglected alll day every Sunday part of Monday and some times and Thursday night lol. Any way back to my wine and knitting and try to convince him that 10:30 is enough time for football and we need to watch a movie and snuggle since he doesn't work tomorrow. :)

PS the cat is good too he has adjusted well.

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