Tuesday, January 11, 2011

coffee filter wreath

While I am sitting her locked in my room in the dark blaring my ipod going to my happy place and pretending not to hear the screaming and chaos in the other room (bed time at my house is always like a bad episode of super nanny) I figured I would show you guys the little craft we did tonight
I made this at my sister a while back and was just in love with the way it turned out and needed one for my house

So this is what we did with our evening...

I in listed monkey butt to help me with this it is super easy. All you need is a wreath from the dollar store it is sticks all twisted up, a hot glue gun, and a pack of coffee filters.

Monkey butt got the blister free job of folding coffee filters like so
then I would glue them on the wreath ( I had a photo of this but it disappeared off my phone) but I would go side middle other side as a glued them on and occasionally I would fold the filters yet again to add some extra puff. Once I got the whole circle filled I filled any sparse looking spots with a filter folded that one extra time :)
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