Wednesday, February 2, 2011

house hunting and haunted houses

So my darling hubby got a new job ... in south west Minnesota!!! We currently live in the twin cities suburbs so we live a 20 minute drive from the heart of the city. Our new town is a 3 hours drive away!!! But alas he starts work the 21st so we had to go down today and hunt for a house to rent we could move into by the week before and have him ready to start work. Here is our little adventure/sad tour of scary homes!!

House #1

It looks normal from outside but oh it wasn't. It was a total dump inside I was so shocked and COLD that I forgot to take pictures. It was no good

House #2/ former frat house full of college boys

Now please note two things in this pic # 1 that there is no walk way shoveled I had to trudge through knee high snow to get in and #2 the garbage thrown all over by the front door...hello hoarders..

This is the family room. What you can't smell is the smell of moldy urine..what you can't see is the bow fashioned from a fishing pole sitting on the fake rock ..mantel??

the nasty bathroom ahhh look at the yellow shower and I won't even tell you the smells here. Not suitable for kids.

house #3 amity ville horror that butts up to a gas station

So now one thing we are actually parked at a gas station they share a spot lol and # 2 look way up on the top ledge up there...there are windows well there are no way to get to that area of the house. We opened one door and it had a stair way that went part way up and then had been closed off...and there were no lights...and there was just one chair sitting in there...super creepy. I am pretty sure that is where the dead bodies are..

the kitchen...notice cupboards or counters...what the heck who can cook in this...

I am pretty sure the walls bleed at night and yet again knee high snow to trudge through to get in..defiantly not in the suburbs any more toto.

just about this time we were getting ready to weep and beg for my hubby's job back literally we were just sick to our stomachs. what did we do!!!! Then we went to...

House # 4 our new humble abode.

Here is our new kitchen area. ahhh cupboards and counters and smell that oh no you don't because it isn't disgusting.

Here is a view from the stairs of the living room area.

and here is one more view of the living room dining room area

this is the upstairs hall the first room on right will my nephew Calvin's/ guest room lol ;) then monkey butts then on left is fire monster and the bathroom.

Now down stairs there is room for another family room but I say forget that!!! For one thing we don't have two sets of living room furniture for two we don't need a second living room and we have a huge king size bed. sooooo... then entire down stairs will be me and my hubby's master suite. Here is our bedroom from the stairs..

and here is the wall you can't see in the other pic now what you are looking at is the hall to the laundry and bathroom on the right and on the left is the door to my...GIRL CAVE!!!!! Yes I am getting one and I am going to fill it with yarn and books and cozy chairs and sewing stuff and pretty things and it is mine all mine mauahahhahah. I can't wait. So we move officially the 12th. Yeash here we go people. t-10 days and counting. I need to go wash the dirt mold and ectoplasm off night everybody.

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  1. Eeeeew. Gross!

    Glad you found the only gem in the bunch. :)

    (I am jealous of your Girl Cave, too!)