Sunday, February 20, 2011

another sunday snow storm cozy inside

Today in my part of Minnesota we are due for some where between 12 and 20 inches of snow. I looks like this out side my window right now..
So being the smart woman that I am I am keeping my self busy hauled up inside my new little home. I already mopped last night and spent the morning scrubbing blinds (that I don't believe have ever been washed ) up stairs and now I am doing things I enjoy like reading this..
Some of you may have heard of Ree Drummond (the pioneer woman) she has a fabulous blog where she shares on all kinds of topics like photography, home schooling, cooking, and just life in general. Well she has one blog where she told the story of how her and her husband met fell in love and got married she calls it black heels to tractor wheels. Well it came out in book for in Feb. so I had to order it and have been reading it when I have spare moments ever since. Now one thing I love about Rees books in they are beautiful all the way through. I hate the paper covers and always take them off. look how cute it is with out :)
then inside she has flowers all over the pages. She is just too cute and I love the story of her and Marlboro Man. I recommend this book to just about any woman. :) It is funny sweet and will make you love her and Marlboro Man for sure.
Besides that I am working on my new project Citron. I am loving it.
I think I am going to make it longer and with more ruffle :) I got allot of knitting done while me made a run up to the cities on Friday (nice 6 hours in the car)
Now I will share a bit more of the new house details with you. Since we claimed the down stairs living room as our master suite we don't have a closet so we have to share it with the laundry area.
which will work okay once I get it all adjusted we just store our not regularly worn things in the spare bedroom closet up stairs.
This is how it looks I have my shoe rack and that door opens to our room.
another weird thing we noticed which will work great for drying my hand knits is this..
there is a laundry line that runs down our bathroom hall lol. Weird but I am a person who has allot of clothes I prefer not machine dried so this will work great for me. How my hubby will like having to fight through the jungle of laundry to get to our bathroom has yet to be seen but it hasn't been complained about yet. Well I am going to curl up on my heating pad and watch some netflix in my girl cave and do some other things before I cook dinner (twice baked potatoes and Marlboro Mans second favorite sandwich both from pioneer woman). We have to enjoy one last lazy day before my hubby starts his new job tomorrow. :)
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