Thursday, February 17, 2011

things are coming around :)

So I made a trip to the local yarn shop here the other day. It wasn't as nice as knitters palette but at least I have something to work with and for that I am thankful lol. I got a few little treats...

Some berroco vintage in this great purplie raspberry color. I am not sure what I will do with it but I am excited. :)

2 skeins of malabrigo lace in amarosa. Love me some malabrigo lace mmmm...

I also got new glasses I figured it was about time to get the eyes checked again since it has only been 7 years!!! They came in the mail yesterday..

They are only for reading and I look like quiet the geek but it is amazing the difference they make. And I have been reading every chance I get I am reading black heels to tractor wheels (love it ) but I have still been super busy with the house. I thought I wouldshare a bit more :)

This is the view of the living room from the stairs..

My hubby in the kitchen tidying it up :)

this is what the rest of the kitchen looks like from the living room.

now these next few are the progress on my giant master suite.

here is as you come down the stairs. Not ignore the pile for boxes we have to get rid of and remember we have a giant king size bed ..

We still have a giant area at the other side of the room which we will eventually make into a nook for the hubby.

here is from the bottom

and the view from the bed. the girl cave is to the left and if you take a right at the bottom of the stairs there is a hall to the laundry and our bathroom.

We are still working it is the last room to get settled. but we had to take a trip to the laundry mat. I was excited because for one I am sorta a weirdo and have always had a weird obsession with laundry mats. Maybe it is my hatred of doing laundry that makes getting it all done is a quick 2 hours appealing or maybe it is that I love the smell sooo much or both but this one has extra exciting because it also was a coffee shop!!!

So we grabbed a drink (my skim part sf vanilla part sf Carmel latte was good ) and got it over with.

it was clean had a few toys for the kiddos but fire monster did have to be removed (like always) and we finished up it cost almost 20$ just for the washer part and I probably spent about 30 for soo between the 2!!! but it is done and hopefully our drier is here soon . Other then that was a pretty boring morning sat around and read most of it:) Well we have to head back up to the city tomorrow to get the tinsy bit of stuff we have left at the old place. :) I will catch you later :)

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  1. Well, I must like geeks, because you look *great* in your new glasses! Very collegiate. :)