Tuesday, February 15, 2011

more move stories

So we had tons to do before the move and one thing was get my hubbies and my eyes checked while we still were covered for vision. Lol I got the optical image taken instead of dilation which was probably better because it turns out I have a freckle INSIDE my eye (weird i know lol) but my hubby chose dilation lol so he spent allot of that day like this lol

hiding behind my shades out of desperation lol then we had taken the girls to stay in a hotel that night and swim. They were soo good and I am super glad we did we all needed the break and with all our stuff packed it was a stellar choice.

I got to wear a new swim suit for the first time since my breast reduction and it was sooo weird because me and fire monster were on the lazy river on the second day and it hit me.. no one is staring at me!!! I haven't got any dirty looks no one is staring at me and I haven't been self conscious the whole time!!!! It was soo freeing and felt great. I used to get stairs and some times even dirty looks like it was my choice to have big breasts lol. But it was soo great.

In between packing eye appointments and hotel I made these. Cake balls they are super yummy

I got the recipe here. Calvin calls them cake bombs and loved them.

we all ate soo many cake bombs during the move lol. But that is okay because we needed all the sugar we could get for this..

the most boring drive ever it looks like this basically the whole 2.5 hours.

Here are some more glimpses at the house so far. Here is monkey buts room with her new bed and table and bedside table. she unpacked and had her room decorated and tidy right away.

she is too cute.

all her clothes are folded and put away or hung up

here is fire monsters room. She will sleep on top bunk now.

it shows her art desk and the vinyl decorations on her wall

her closet not as tidy but hey I tried lol. She is very cute and loves her new room too.

Well off to bed (for real this time lol) night every one

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  1. Wow. You have settled in sooo quickly! The girls' rooms look terrific and I hope you are taking time to enjoy your girl cave and recover from all the stair climbing!