Tuesday, February 8, 2011

my busy week

So people it is moving week..so in short it is on. This has been crazy and in between the boring moving stuff here is what has been going on...
Picked out a cute outfit for Superbowl party with the fam. (yes it has been over 6 months since the breast reduction and I am still obsessed with strapless )
decided to rock some super cute purple sparkly eye shadow.
Messed around with the effects on my cell phone some more. :)
found not one but two grey hairs on the way to the super bowl party (I blame this all on my hubby I think grey hair must be contagious)
Got to my sisters to find this.. my sisters wearing safety goggles and gloves to make jalapeno poppers.
Yuuumm Jalapeno poppers
while rocking my super cute outfit got a ambush make over from mean taylor in the bathroom.
ate soo much junk at the super bowl party lol. I ate jalapeno poppers, deviled egg, queso , salsa
adamomas, Buffalo chicken dip, black bean brownies, ice cream, a few Smirnoff ices and ...
went home sick as a dog with a god awful belly ache and a food hangover
after that my lovely knit gurus showed up helped me pack 75% of my house in two hours
every day I have been napping (at least two hours lol) and since it is like -a billion degrees here in Minnesota and all my kids toys are packed we had to take her out for a bit of a energy burn off.
so off to pump it up it is..
then since her and my big girl have been such great sports about this we have movies and nails night.
I painted some super cute nails on them for valentines day

and we watched Beezus and Ramona which was soo cute and I loved it and loved snuggling two good girls while watching it.
and I am super loving the new rings I bought my self for my anniversary a few weeks ago and yes I did give my self a bit of a valentines day cutsieness too. but now I am off to watch social network with my hubby and have a glass of wine. My sis and gf Marnie are coming to help out tomorrow :) We are at t-3 days and counting people!!!
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