Saturday, February 5, 2011

fo hagrids motorcycle socks..

After packing about ten big apple boxes last night with just fire monster for help (she did pretty good for her although she had to flip through every book before we could pack it and every time I sent her to get another empty box I had to go find her because she never came back) I gave up cooked us a delicacy in this house ..ponyo noodles (ramen my kids wait and beg and love the stuff lol its really sad) I put a egg in it Ala Rachel ray and that way it has some protein and if i have it i make it in chicken broth instead. So we enjoyed our ponyo noodles and went in my bed to snuggle and watch a movie (i.e. put on movie and hope fire monster falls asleep)
I finished up my hubby's Hagrids motor cycle socks.
I really liked this socks pattern. It is manly enough for a picky guy like my hubby but yet not as boring to knit as so many of the other "manly" socks I have knit him. I will probably make this pattern again. It has a man size and women size. It is pretty good with this yarn too.
I will have to keep you posted on the yarn though at this point it is a bit rough for my taste more of a noro feel. but I have found you never know how things wash up so we will see after a good washing.
but for my hubby they are great and I did enjoy the colors and the way they change. I am not so anal that I have to have the color changes match up. I actually prefer it when they don't I think it gives it more character. I get socks that match perfectly all the time in the store. :)
Well today my sister and me are headed to Ikea to look for some things for the new house while her hubby works on the red dragon and Ben works. Calvin is staying the night woo hoo. I am looking forward to some Calvin time. lol I will have to make a list of calvinisms to share next post lol
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