Tuesday, February 15, 2011

projectg for the day wall art

Okay so the project for today was wall art. I was sick of the empty walls now that things are starting to fall into place I needed to do something about the calls. I had seen these on thats so cuegly and thought it was the perfect solution. I went to the fabric store here in town and asked for some big bold prints and after trying to really convince the woman who worked there that I did not want a floral print lol I found these gems. .

this one I love the browns and pear color and light blue it is great

this one is perfect to tie in the other blue and to add some of the blue from my chairs I refurbished. :)

this was for my girl cave ( I have a thing for dandelions)

this one is browns and pinks I loved it.

I thought this would go great in fire monsters room and match well with the stickers I put up yesterday.

this one too was great for her room

monkey butt picked out this dark brown

and I steered her toward this bold red (matched well with her new red accents)

then we swung by the dollar store for some frames and low and behold they had foam board so I grabbed 5 and a exacto knife and went to work. My hubby cut (because I couldn't cut straight to save my life) and I worked the hot glue gun. and here is the end result.

this is my dining room above my kitchen table

I put a few through out the living room

thought it would help tie things in a bit

Here is monkey butts room

and fire monsters and while at the dollar store I found these lol

I couldn't get a good pic sorry it is above her bed and says "once upon a time there was a princess..." and there are stars all over. It was too cute.

and last but not least the girl cave. :) Today was also monkey butts first day at her new school. Things went well her teacher and the school all seem very nice and she made two new Friends. :) I know she will do great she is a great kiddo. Well I am off to get another massage from my sweet hubby and maybe lay on my heating pad I still really can't move. :( Well I will show more progress tomorrow. :)

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  1. Wow. You are *so* creative! Your accents look great. :)

    Not surprising that Monkey Butt has two new friends already - you're right, she is a great kid!

    Try soaking in a warm bath with Epsom salt to take the ache from your legs.