Monday, February 14, 2011

the new house..

So we are still in the process of moving in. It is starting to sorta look like a home though. I will show you some of the progress so far and let you into my humble abode...
this is my new kitchen. I am still unpacking so it needs a deep scrubbing still. The linoleum is very ugly and the appliances are a bit to old for my taste but other then that I really don't' mind it

This is the view from my living room. the counter comes out and there is a bar to sit at and plenty of room for the table.
The living room is still looking pretty empty. We are planning on a new TV in the next month or so so it TV is on a end table lol and I need to get some pics and other touches up but I have a plan for that but unpacking and cleaning first projects second lol.

Here is my girl cave so far. I moved in scrap booking and gift wrapping stuff as well as my etsy stuff are in these plastic drawers and then my book shelf

This is my desk/work table notice my ball winder finally has a permanent home that is nice lol.

Here is more books and my new shelf with yarn and my knitting books on it then we have my little clip on tubs from ikea ( I totally love those) and some more scrap books and pics over in the bottom right corner.

This has my little dish rack files holder and printer and a comfy chair for knitting or reading or rocking a fire monster into submission. Oh and yes those wine glasses are empty (they were unpacked there and haven't made it upstairs yet lol. Don't start the intervention I promise lol)

So there is my home so far. Still needs lots of finishing touches and there are other rooms that still need unpacked I just though I would give you a brief glimpse at the new abode. So far I enjoy the town.
I was super lucky to have such great support in my family this weekend with the move. It really make me soo happy when we pull together for each other. I had my sis ang who loaned us money from her roof fund while we were waiting on taxes so we could get the furniture before we moved. My other sis Melissa and Marnie helped pack and my sis and her hubby big lar came to help load up the truck. Mama sherry sent a emergency loan (in case taxes didn't come to help with moving expenses) . My brother Jeremy watched Ang and juniors dogs so him and cal could come (my sis was at the national guard) There was my bro in law jr. Who helped with all the loading and unloading and putting together and breaking down and drove the uhaul 2.5 hours to our new home!!! and my sis in law Bern's who helped pack and helped with the unpacking and most of all with the taking care of the kiddos and feeding us. She took not just my two but her step son and Calvin out to the movies to see Gnomio and Juliet while we kept unloading the truck. It was insane and truly a group effort and the thing is is one person hadn't helped I don't' think this would have been possible. I am soo lucky and I am going to miss them all soo much and can't wait for them to come visit.
The worst part is while we were moving our system was the boys (my hubby and bro in law) would bring stuff in from the truck and drop it in the entry way and then I would run it to its area. Well since I haven't lived in a house with stairs in 8 years (not to mentions a 3 story) I was carrying boxes and boxes and bags and other things up and down the stairs for ever and My calves are sooooo sore. I honest to god have never been this sore in my life!!! I didn't' know this sort of sore existed. I bought some tiger balm today and had the hubby rub a bit on my calves and that stuff works great but I am just in a whole new world of hurt.
I have got sooo much done though pushing through it. The girls rooms are tackled. We took care of theirs first to make sure they had their space and felt at home. It was very cute because the boys slaved away to get their beds up in their new rooms and monkey butt esp was soo stoked about her new bed she was talking her uncles ear off while he worked on her bed and then when they got done she said "hey Evea you want to sleep in my bed tonight?" lol so they slept together anyway lol. The kitchen and living room are tackled and so are the bathrooms and my girl cave. So it is mostly just our room tomorrow. That mess is 90 % clothes. I am excited though because our master suite is HUGE. I love it and I think once I get everything all decorated it will be very luxurious and wonderful.
Well I best get my booty to bed so that I can bring Monkey Butt in her for first day of school tomorrow :)

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