Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh look decoy and distractions

Well since today was day two after my breast reduction and most things were great (except the fact that my left breast is very bruised and still a little ...well...oozy...) I am going to distract you with other things that happened over the week that I didn't get a chance to tell you...

Like this here lovely picture of my niece Megan riding Lola my sisters st Bernard. (Happy bday Meggie)
Or the fact that I did like 4 hair cuts at family dinner one of which was my brother in law who had very very long hair and my sister being the weirdo she is is wearing it ...

as a head band in this picture sorta creepy.. well yes. OH you are still not distracted from the fact that my left looks like it was involved in a shark attack (a brutal one) ...

well they then decided that evea should be princess Leah for Halloween...still not

well that is all I got to distract you people. Sorry you are just going to have to live imagining the horror that is going on here and I am going to take drugs sleep and hope there is less purple when I wake up.
Ps they are still cute as a button when covered though lol

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