Tuesday, August 17, 2010

surgery success..so far so good

So my lovely mama Sherry got here in one piece yesterday although her luggage took a slight detour through salt lake city which is mysterious because she had a direct flight from Washington state. :) But it was there by family dinner at the sisters. Here is fire monster attempting to help out with the help of one very lazy diabetic step stool named Andy.

I spent yesterday down with the girls at my other big sis's then came home doped my self up on Tylenol pm and hit the hay. After a night full of dreams where I just kept getting thwarted on my attempts to get to surgery on time. I woke up and off I went surgery was scheduled for 11:40 but I got to go in a bit early. I was home around 5:00. I could have got home earlier if I could have stayed awake a bit longer lol. But I came home and my sister in law took the two monsters to her house for the night so I don't get snuggled in the middle of the night. I slept on the couch most of the evening and had a few snicker doodles my lovely Sherry made me and some MacDonald's (shhhh don't' tell) and now back into bed. I am not sooo groggy any more and in a bit of pain nothing too god awful although my left nipple is bleeding lol. I don't think at a alarming rate though. I am small and perky from what I can tell. But now it is time for bed. I will take a picture when I feel like I can wear a shirt :) toodles

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  1. So glad all went well and you have someone to take care of house & home while recovering! Take care and don't do too much, too soon (really - that's most often the thing we do wrong that screws up our recovery).