Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome to my humble home..

Okay so I am taking a brief break from my being lonely worrying obsessing and stressingwhile my hubby works 900 hours of overtime (btw my surgery is in 4 days) and show you around my Hubble little abode. Now keep in mind that we are a young married couple who is slowly getting rid of their hand me down furniture. I am still coming into decorating a home. You are standing in my entry way and you see past my dinning room into this...

My family room one of the few spaces that isn't hand me down furnished lol. I bought this living room set with my hard earned money from selling my soul to at&t and waisting lots and lots of time away from my babies. but it is very cleanable and stain treated and the coffee table opens up and is filled with yarn . (you can see my recipe for fish blanket draped over the couch)

Here is what the couches face. I sorta hate the built in because we can't move things around really. and unfortunately we cant use the fire place in the winter either very very sad.

This is where you would be standing for the first view. My dining room /entryway. I have a lovely little bench for the babe to drop off her back pack and coat when she comes home from school and there is also a wire I hang all her art work from facing the bench. By the way I bought that bowl to use as a center piece and if anyone has any cute ideas for filling it cheaply let me know.

this is what the table faces.

Here is another view. You can see the wire for her school art work I was talking about.

Here is my kitchen where I spend most of my time. I love it

Here is the wall opposite of my stove printer paper fridge and tons of other things.

Straight down the hall I just set up this area which is all for organising and scheduling. through the door right there is the laundry room which I will show you after my counter gets put up.

This is my bedroom. My giant bed my ikea Shelby full of books and things and lots of other books on lots of other shelves

lovely Ikea shelf full of books

Other view of room more books the two closets on the left is mine right is Ben and master bath..

Here is my bath not the most tidy.but do able and it has a bench in the shower.
This is the girls room. A bit messy but that is normal.

This is the fire monsters spot on the bottom She has a book shelf fort lamp and a bed under which she hides everything when I make her clean her room.
This is monkey butts bed. She has reading lap books and top bunk.
Since we got the built in they got the entertainment center which is full of movies and art stuff. to the left is monkey butts art desk.

Here is the girls bathroom (yes that is me looking very nasty in my zumba pants)
and this is the tub where me, a bottle of wine, and my lap top tuck ourselves in for hours at a time :) and I plan on probably doing just that shortly..

but first I have to teach a certain fire monster the pleasure of dunking oreos


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