Wednesday, August 4, 2010

brown paper packages tied up with strings...

So as promised before I got sick here are some of my favorites things :) They are some things that I am just in love with for some reason lately...

The containers that I decorated last week. They are so cheery and jut make the little corner of my living room a bit cuter..
The chairs my sister bought me and I finished redoing. They are cute and cheery and I love them to pieces.

This one has a story behind it me and my sister took the kids to the pool here in town which our pool is a sand bottom pool and there is sand all around it basically a beach with no rocks seaweed or fish. So were at the pool/beach here in town and I smell something soo good. I tell my sister something smells soo good. We look over and the mom by us is spraying something into her girls hair and we ask what it is sure that something that smells so good must be salon and big $ and she tells us no more tangles!!! We were shocked. So we rushed out to grab a bottle. It is great they revised it and made the bottle better too it is great. but my sister had this awesome thing in her bag..

It has that great coconut summer smell and it is another cheep but goody. It is at walmart, Target where ever and about 5$. It takes a tiny dab and it smooths hair and strengthens it. I love it. but DO NOT OVER DO IT. For most people it takes less then a pump. Speaking of hair...

This is firemonsters new haircut. I got sick of her crazy hair that always looks crazy and resorted back to the bob. Here is one last favorite thing..

I made this for firemosnter. She has always been called the cupcake baby. I have always bought her cupcakes stuff since I was pregnant. There will be more on this in a later post though ;)
I had a preop Monday things are good to go although I will have to get some antibiotics if I am not 100% soon though. :) Hope everyone is having fun in the sun

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  1. Thanks for the tips, especially about the hair. You know I need that. Firemonster's hair is way cute with her new cut. Good luck with surgery. I'll be thinking about you.