Wednesday, September 1, 2010

fo coachella

As you can see I have finished my coachella. I saved it for post breast reduction and I am very glad I did. i made it from Louisa Harding fauve color way is evergreen. It is a apple colored ribbon with shiny flecks that look sorta gold when they catch the light. It feels nice it is different from what I usually work with.

It didn't turn out looking like most coachellas it is not as drappy and as loose. but I actually prefer the way it is . I added more increases on the second half and seed stitch around the bottom to avoid rolling. I also opted to do 2 of the bust shaping rounds. It is really cute and fitted and comfy. I enjoy it allot.
Here is the view from the back. I can't wait to wear it out it is too cute.

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