Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I had quite a busy weekend so I didn't get as much knitting accomplished as I would have liked I did cast on for my neighbor hopes Taylor shrug. I am making it for her 10th bday. Here is the progress...

I did get allot of other things done. Saturday was the drive inn movie with the family to see toy story 2 and despicable me. Then Sunday my sister came over. My brother in law put up this for me...
My counter in my laundry room to fold laundry on it goes almost the full length of the wall and is perfect. :) One thing me and my sister worked on was a ring I saw on that's so cuegly...
I decided to use a necklace that's chain had broken. So I took my needles nose pliers and went to work getting the beads off..I used bead pins and put a bead on each and made a loop then hooked them all to one loop and added to a ring...here is the finished product..

it is cute big and chunky just like I like..

I also got this cute pendant to go on my interchangeable necklace I got at a craft fair last year.

I love it! It looks very cute with my coachella top

I also foiled my sisters hair Sunday and cut it. Monday was all family dinner. Well what did you accomplish this weekend?

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