Sunday, September 26, 2010

What a great night

This Saturday I had the honor of attending the wedding of one of my hubbies co-workers. It is Mike Ricci who I had never met but had heard a ton about. It was luck that we got a sitter last minute and got to head up into a area of Minneapolis by the university referred to as dinky town. It was at the Loring pasta bar. The ceremony was beautiful and full of their personality and easy going...

Here is Andrea the bride looking beautiful...
Here is every one all lined up. The boys all wore converse shoes with their tuxes. :) Then you walked next door to the varsity theater for the reception..

This was the marquee.

This is very cute it says "Once there was a girl named Andrea who met a boy named Mike they spent some time together and had a good thing going now they are getting married."

This was inside the theater. (don't mind the ghost child standing in the front lol) but there where all the vases are is where the pasta buffet was set up. There were a few round tables set up in the main area of the floor then all around the outsides were lounge style chairs and end tables for drinks and what not. The music was fun and interesting just like the couple. (no chicken dance for these folks). and the whole evening was filled with a fun easy spirit. Every one danced and had fun and enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere and occasion we were there to celebrate. I did finally get to meet Mr. Mike Ricci and he was a blast. I was a bit nervous when he dipped me on the dance floor though since I was in my cute new strapless dress..

Even my sour puss old man of a hubby enjoyed him self and made it out onto the dance floor. :)

It was a great time the most fun I have had at a wedding in for ever. The wedding had soo much love and personality that it was hard not to be swept up in the great mood of the night this great couple created. I am glad every thing went wonderful for them and they got such a fun magical day. :) Congrats Mike and Andrea.

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