Thursday, September 9, 2010

more finished objects :)

I cast on yesterday afternoon for a hurricane hat. I think the pattern was great. Easy to follow and very simple but gave a interesting product in the end.

I know I will be making more of these for the hubby and others I am sure. :)

It has purl stitches that swirl around to create the hurricane ..

All the way up into the decreases. I also took pictures of the Taylor shrug I knit up for hopes bday. :) It is big on monkey butt because hope is a few years older then her.

I ambushed her fresh off the bus yesterday to try it on her before I blocked it and it fit hope like a glove. :)

Hopefully she likes it. :) I enjoyed knitting it up quick for her :)
I also found time to work on some more stitch markers.

These are just some pretty beads I picked up

These were given to me for ever ago by my older sister for being a jerk to me the bracelet I made out of them broke and some were lost I found it as a sign to let go lol but they do make lovely stitch markers :) It is a cool chilly day here and me and fire monster are snuggled up on the couch watching harry potter 4. Today is a huge deal for my hubby he is very excited for the first real vikings game of the season. He is a huge fan and very excited that "the purple Jesus"(Brett favre) came back. So I am making him a big pot of chili and I have some home made bread raising on the stove top :) I have never made home made loaf of bread before I will let you know how it goes :) don't forget to comment and get entered in the drawing for the stitch marker necklace :)

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