Sunday, October 16, 2011

rocker and side/ottoman finished product

Okay so I finished up the rocker and ottoman set. Here is a picture collage showing the beginning product and the end after reupholstering, painting, and distressing. I also have the side table that I made into a ottoman.

my hubby is going to take out the extra rung on the left side and it will be good to go.

It has a very thick cushion and is very comfy. The ottoman was a very uncute side table. I sawed the legs in half painted and distressed them and then I upholstered the top and it makes the perfect ottoman for this rocker.

Hopefully it goes to a good home where it rocks many a sweet baby and has many a book read on it by someone snuggled in with a cup or tea and warm socks. :)

As for my own home, I picked this little guy up at gathering of gals. It is a shelf with hooks made out of shutters. But it was white and blended right in with my walls so I painted and distressed it in this blue that fits well in my kitchen. Perfect to hold my pens and dry erase markers and most of all keys because it is right here..

Right inside the back door . I also have my ikea shoe drawers there and the chore chart and this..

The wine crate we use as a shoe box. It used to be my side table when I was very young and lived with my sis!!!
I was shabby chic when that was just broke lol. Who knew lol. Well I have lots of knitting to catch up on and I need a shower because I am covered in spray paint AGAIN. Also we had a sleep over last night that didn't go very well and required me getting out of bed lots of times to sooth many a tear so I am exhausted and cranky. Well I suppose I will hide down stairs from foot ball and kids so I can knit :)

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