Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Purse organizers and finished product Queen Anne chairs and chest

So I decided to add a new product to my shop both on my etsy and at Italy Ava. It is these great new purse organizers. I love purses but hate that all the really cute ones are basically a big black hole for my phone to disappear into so I search endlessly while it rings. Well this solves that problem.

Here is the zebra print one. It has tons of pockets. In this one I fit a check book, two card holders (one i used for medical cards and club cards one I use for business cards, a pack of gum (bribes for fire mosnter) not 1 not 2 but 4 lip glosses, mascara, and a pin , and my phone and there are pockets left!

I slip it inside my purse and it wraps around the out side and my wallet and coupon file fit in the middle :) If you have a smaller bag they roll up too.

I also made it in a khaki color.

Here is the finished Queen Anne chair after I glazed it :) It is currently sitting at Italy Ava for $68.00

and here is my great chest for the end of my bed after another coat of paint and glazing and distressing
I scrubbed the inside out with multiple products and lots of lung and sinus killing bleach :/ And then lined it with this great damask paper.
I also threw in a few drier sheets to keep what ever I throw in there fresh. :) Well I am off to knit some more cowls. I got all my custom orders done but I want to make a few more of the new colors to put out with my inventory :)

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