Monday, September 26, 2011

some new italy ava pieces and a find for my own abode

So I went on a adventure with my lovely ladies the other day and found a few new pieces to refurbish.
I got a few queen Anne chairs. I think they turned out fabulous.

they look just like this one from pottery barn except those are 249$ :)

I am loving them I didn't have the heart to leave them in the cold lonely garage for two days so they are sitting in my living room.

I also found a piece I have been looking for for my home for a long time. A chest for the end of my bed. I snuck this quick before my hubby went to bed. The clear top coat isn't fully dry (hence the spray marks)

I painted it pebble.

It has a nice little shelf inside but I still need to vacuume out the mouse poop:/ It really eeks me out but this bad boy was only 30$!!! and It is in great condition but was in a barn and had old stuffed animals and junk in it!!! I am going to give it a proper sterilizing tomorrow.

I just don't have it in me today. I have been miserable for weeks and drug myself into the minute clinic today. I have a TERRIBLE sinus infection and my ears are just bursting with fluid. Now on top of it all I probably have the hantavirus lol Oh well. I have kids to get to bed, a magnet board to finish decoupaging, two cowl orders to finish knitting, and a few purse organizers to sew :) Off to work

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