Thursday, August 11, 2011

they are back

In a effort to get back on the healthy track i was on premove (and fit in my pants) 8 am making better choices one of which is bringing back green smoothies people. I do one a day and it is going great. I am also back to working out. So far this week I have walked/jogged 7 miles , did bosu (i had to just go through and do what my tiny killer of a teacher stacy used to do because they dont offer bosu here) and a zumba class (they only offer ONE a WEEK here!!!) As well as taking the girl swimming 2ce so far this week and getting in a few laps during that (nothing like squeezing into a swim suite to reiforce the reason you want to change lol). Today we are walking to the library 1.27 miles each way and then swimming later :) i am making healthier choices but not going full on weight watchers point counting because i dont want to burn out but cold weather will be here before i know it :|
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