Monday, June 4, 2012

a treat for 50 Shades fanatics!!

I have to admit that my guilty pleasure lately has been the controversial 50 shades series (mommy porn lol).  Yeah it isn't going to go down in history as a classic but it sure as heck is fun to read.  I down loaded the audio books and I only let my self listen when I go to the guy.  So if you see me at the ymca on the elliptical and I won't look you in the eye you know why lol.  My husband said the other day"I wonder how many men have gone to bed with their wives and wondered what the hell is going on since these books came out"  lol.  I thought that was funny
Anyway I had to share this with you other fans.  I ran across this post on one of my fav blogs hi sugarplum and I had to share.  It shows what the famous penthouse in Escala looks like.   Enjoy all 50 shades fans.

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