Friday, June 22, 2012

Great day at gw.

Yesterday was my girlfriend Traecys birthday and I had been looking for a great little chair for a while to redo.  She pinned one a long time ago and said someone should make this for my birthday... Well I hope she was serious.  This is one of those times when I wish I had the for thought to take before pics because the transformation is incredible.  It was a very ugly old 70s office type chair with a rough beige ttype fabric.  I painted it kyrlon watermelon then.  and recovered the cushion in this great zebra print.  Then a few months ago I had found some great vinyl damask wall decor at shopco on clearance.  (same as I used on my dresser.  I will show you that in a minute) .  But I put one of those on the back and boom super cute amazing girlie chair to throw in what ever room. 

I had also bought a dresser and when me and my girlfriend Pat went to pick that up we saw one of these plain little tables that I see at my gw all the time.  It struck me boom bistro table for my patio.  I came home threw some of my outdoor primer and left over paint from my Adirondack bench on it and another vinyl wall decor I found on clearance under the glass and super cute bistro table for my patio.  I think I am going back today for the other one they had I will saw the legs down and make it a coffee table size one for bye the pallet sectional. 
Here it is with my chairs from the flee market and my tv cart turned drink cart.  I also made a outdoor rug with some canvas from walmart and painted it with stripes of my primer and paint.  I wanted burlap but alas walmart fails me again
I grabbed two owl figurines and threw a coat of paint on them and there is currently a war going on in the house hold as to who gets these cuties
that wasent all I found for the day though my dresser I bought (very inexpensively) was this gem...

I painted the base of the dresser the same grey as mine them the drawer fronts white and threw a coat of black over the hardware (until I can buy new)  This bad boy is going to replace my hubbies dresser.   And even though I didn't find my dresser on this particular trip to gw I have to share the finished product with you guys

I finally finished it!!  Those are the decals I was talking about.  I used the decals to cover the holes for the second set of knobs and on the other side I had some inexpensive knobs I bought a while back I painted them black and filled the second hole with putty and painted over it boom perfect dresser.  Now I just need to have my hubby get home and help me heft in the body of his new dresser and help me heft his old one out for a make over ;)

Until them I am going to enjoy this great morning out on my Adirondack bench with a cup of coffee.

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